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Show some love to fellow filmmakers: Hybrid Vigor

Hybrid Vigor was the first project I saw on Kickstarter that I was really intrigued by and eagerly donated to. I've continued to follow their progress and am looking forward to seeing the finished product. They just recently posted their first teaser trailer. Check it out and them check out their site at



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Did I say 2010? Silly me. I meant...

Funny story, you see. Tyler and I made plans to shoot a movie called The Legend of Grassman, on our own dime and with our own equipment, crew, actors, and food. This movie would be shot over the course of 7days plus a couple of weekends for some indoor scenes. Then, this... Read more

Posted 12/31/2010 @ 11:59:00 PM | The Legend of Grassman

Captain Repetitive says...

Want to be part of the greatest bigfoot film ever being filmed right now? You know you do! We're using to build awareness of our film, The Legend of Grassman, and allow those who are as excited about it as we are to join in and be involved in making it happen.... Read more

Posted 4/1/2010 @ 6:34:00 AM | The Legend of Grassman

Join the hunt for Grassman!

Donate to our film and receive Limited Edition VIP perks! CLICK... Read more

Posted 3/13/2010 @ 10:49:00 PM | The Legend of Grassman

2/12/2010Teaser Poster for The Legend of Grassman
12/14/2009Monkey Ltd goes Green!
10/23/2009We're still filming! Follow us and see stuff like:
9/19/2009Do it: Principal Photography Begins Follow us
9/8/2009Monkey Ltd consulted for expert opinion
9/2/2009The Legend of Grassman - Teaser Trailer #1


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